The Most Basic Men’s Skincare Guide

best night cream for men

This is the most basic guide you need to keep your man skin clean. I’m not talking about putting on a bunch of make up to make you look cute and extra smooth. I talk about the process it takes to make your skin very healthy, strong, and capable to survive the future. Reduce the irritations and get that ugly crust out of there. My guide is not overly complicated and should have you looking descent in a matter of weeks. Now, there is nothing you really need to do that is hard. Most of the things I am about to tell you is something you can do really fast without breaking one sweat. Read what I said about treating men’s skin below.

Wash Face With Cold Water Each Day

Every day, wash your face with cold water. Do 2 times a day and you got double the effect. Water is something your skin needs a lot of. Face needs it the most. It gets water when you take a shower. But, it does not get enough of it. In fact, most of the water you put on face during day is washed out at night. At night, the face drys itself because it uses a different system for sleeping. It is regenerating and trying to make your body stronger for the next day. That’s where the huge ounces of crust piling on face come from. Prevent this from happening at large scales by adding cold water to your face. Your face will add in the additional water and use it smoothen out the rest of your face. Cold water tends to hold on in face longer. Hot water is just not strong enough for the body to hold on to. It tries to get rid of that as soon as it can. Always, apply cold water to your face each day and you will see improvements in your overall skin texture.

Apply Night Cream to Face Before Sleep

Each night before you decide to go to sleep, apply the best night cream for men to help skin reduce roughness. Your skin reduces its protective skin barrier when you sleep. This means all types of bacteria is making its way to your head. You will find your self having infections, irritations, and viruses trying make your face look worse. Apply the night cream to your face right before you sleep. Let it help your face regain its natural beauty and make cracks on skin go away. Enrich your face with a nice creamy touch and reduce the roughness you feel when you wipe your fingers on face. Night cream is not just something you put on at night. The cream can be used all night while you sleep. You won’t need to take it off until you wake up the next day. You just need to make sure you get night cream that fits your skin type. Getting the wrong skin type could make more problems for your face like burns and acne pop ups.

Use Face Cleaner Each Week

Once a week, apply face cleaner to your face. Alternative to using the best night cream for men before you sleep. Face cleaners require you to use and wash off immediately. They are quicker to use when it comes to cleaning all the dirt off of your face. Can remove make up that used at Halloween party too. Face cleaners are extremely designed to remove everything you add on your face. If there is anything you added that is hard getting off, try getting it off with some good face cleaner product. There is now way you can go wrong. I always use face cleaners each weak to make my face look better than that dry clean. I want that smooth clean and you want the same thing I suggest you use this each week too.

Grow Your Beard By Following These Small Tips

Growing a beard is man’s journey. A test of his strength and what is willing to do to grow it. Some men take on this beard growing tasks to see a part of them that didn’t exist before. Some take it see the world for what it really is. Others, think the world is something to reach high in the mountains for, so they feel growing a beard is part of that journey. Whatever the reason for you taking this lonely path, I want to help you grow your beard the best you can. It won’t fully grow in but I can make it grow more then it is growing right now. Scientist have been working on beard products to perform one task. The tasks to grow a man’s beard and help him complete the path to growing a beard. Read down to see the beard growing secrets.

Genetics Can Prevent You From Having Good Start

Your genetics play a role in how your beard hair starts to grow. In USA, it is too diverse to say why the beard grows a certain length. But, in Asian countries people are known to have beards that grow in patches. People in India and Germany are known to have full beards that grow to the neck. Sadly, your race will determine how long it takes you to grow a beard. But, do not let it hold you down. This is not the middle ages. There are supplements you can take and beard shampoos with chemicals that can help you beard become less patchy. Provoke the hairs sleep in face to come out and put a little more hair on face. It is not guarantee that you will have a complete beard. But, using the best beard technology available today will help you increase a little beard growth.

Consume Vitamins to Increase Beard Growth

Beard vitamins are now available to increase the number of hairs on beard. Vitamin D and biotin have the power to cause more hairs on face to grow. The best vitamins for beard growth come packed with multiple vitamins. Giving you a vitamin to help each part on your face grow. Now, you don’t have to take a lot of vitamins. You could just take one type of vitamin. Whatever vitamin you choose to take, your face will not grow completely. I am not going to lie to you. There are some spots on face that will not grow. But, don’t let that stop you from having a beard that  you tried to grow. Keep taking beard vitamins week to week and you are bound to see some results. Don’t let the truth stop you from being what you can be.

Growing a Beard Takes Patience

One important tip, growing a beard takes patience. I am not talking about a certain period of time. I mean you need to let it grow and trim it over time. Wait, for it to come in and don’t expect it to happen in a year. Expect it to happen in 5 years or maybe in 10. Patience must be there at all times. There is not way you can grow a beard if you shave it off every day. Talk to your boss and see if he can let you grow a little stubble. Not exactly a beard, but you can work on getting the other parts of the stubble to grow for now. That is what you can do for the time being. Ignore the words that is flung your way. The words that make you feel like maybe you should just give up growing a beard. Consume the best vitamins for beard growth at the store and wait. Unfortunately, you may be hurt during the grow process. There are some people who feel they need to tell you what you should do with your life. If you can not deal with these harsh words of fire, I suggest you shave off your beard.

Accessories You Should Have if You Have a Motorcycle

Buying a motorcycle is fun like buying a car, but think about getting some accessories to go with it. Accessories are not the things you buy to look cool on a motorcycle. They are the things that will keep you safe during the experience. You need gloves to protect you from the burns. Ones on the road that involve you rolling in the ground. The best helmet for motorcycle to protect your teeth when you will most likely fall off the bike. You will fall by the way. Long sleeve leather jacket to protect your elbows and deflect car to car smears. No matter how you want to cut it, your going to need some motorcycle accessories to control your life. That’s what the motorcycle accessories are suppose to be for. Prepare yourself for the road and living a longer life. Here are safe accessories you should buy when you can.

Motorcycle Helmet to Protect Your Face

Motorcycle helmets are quite essential. More essential then they say it on TV. 9 times out of 10 your going to fall off that bike. Yeah it might not happen just because I said that but don’t chance it. I have fell off my bike many times. Most of them were because of the crazy people on the road. There was only one time were it could of killed me. Despite that, consider getting a motorcycle helmet soon. The best helmet for motorcycle if you can afford. High cost motorcycle helmet means a longer head and helmet for you. Helmets protect your neck, face, teeth, ears, spine, and brain. Body functions you need to live another day. Protect your head with each ride by buying a helmet to fit it. It’s your life and you have to protect it.

To add, motorcycle helmets can protect your precious teeth. I know your not concerned with your teeth now. But, you will be when one of them pops out. Leaving you looking less happy in each picture. To extend, teeth pain is not something you want to experience twice. You got to experience once when wisdom teeth come in. Prevent that severe pain from happening again by wearing a little motorcycle helmet. Will it be annoying to carry it with you? Yeah, it is annoying like a lot of other things you can think of. But, annoyance is not more important than doing what you need to do to be safe.


 Motorcycle Luggage to Hold Stuff

You could get some luggage boxes for your motorcycle. This accessory is optional, but it comes in handy. On the road, your going to be passing by a lot of fast food places and gas stations. Your going to get hungry and your going to need food for later. There is no point in arguing with me. Luggage boxes for motorcycles carry a lot of weight and some have key locks. The boxes come in plastic and metal. Plastic ones are the cheapest of the two. Can’t take much damage and can break open fast. But, they are the cheapest storage accessories for motorcycles. I suggest you buy a descent plastic luggage box with a key and then save up for the metal one. The metal one is expensive and you should only buy it used. The new ones cost way too much for storing things. In any event, the boxes will become useful the more you use your motorcycle and think hmmm I need to put stuff on my bike.

 Buy Heated Clothing for Winter Drives

Put on a heated motorcycle clothes to keep warm. The winter nights drives are cold. Especially, in the north where the cold hits your bike and freezes your boots. The feeling is not something you want to think about when your going to work or to her house. Push those problems out the door with a heated jacket and pants. The clothes are equipped with their own heat source. They connect to the motorcycle your riding in and burn heat to your legs, hands, and chest. You will notice the difference when you head out for a night motorcycle ride. Though, you still need to worry about the black ice on the road when it gets really cold. You can at least have something to keep you warm on the days the Sun and snow is not freezing the road. Definitely, buy heated clothes to protect you from the harsh nature.

Protective Gear for People Who Like Rugby

Rugby is a sport that you can expect to have some level of violence; if you don’t like getting involved in violence, I suggest you find another sport. Something with little to no violence. As for us who play the sport, we need tough protective gear and that gear needs to be pretty darn good. The best football helmet and then some. A person spends a good amount of time dodging and getting tackled on the field. Protective gear should be worn to prevent serious rib or head injury. Ideas on what protective gear you should get is listed below.

The Mouthguard

Wear a mouthguard to protect your face and teeth you idiot. Yes, you are playing a sport like American football. But, you are going to get hit so many times in the chest and face. One hit to the body can cause your mouth to bite down on your tongue or crunch your teeth to hard down. I am not one to say rugby pain is very painful, but there is nothing in this world that hurts more then tooth pain. I remember when I had a broken tooth in the back, the pain caused me to be uncomfortable all hours of the day. Do yourself a service, put a mouthguard on that mouth and keep it in there when you play. You don’t want to know what tooth pain feels like. It will hurt more than a broken leg.

People talk about not needing a mouthguard to play rugby, but you need to think about what other things you have to do. Maybe you have to go to work tomorrow and you need your body in top shape. Maybe you have to move around a bit for the girlfriend or some social event. I don’t know what else you have to do, but you always got to be careful when you do something physical. Your body is needed to take care of other things you have to do in life. Don’t jump into a physical sport and forget that.

Wear One of Those Headgears

Rugby is a sport that involves tackling, so you got to have some type of head gear. Not any rag you see in bathroom that you decided to wear on your head. You need a American football helmet or a rugby helmet. Buy the best football helmet if you can afford. Headgear prevents ear infections and brain concussions. Did I mention you can also get your neck twisted on rare occasion? Wear the headgear and save your life. The brain can be fixed, but the intelligence will not be. You need the brain for that one job that requires you to think. Look like an idiot and put on one of those headgears.

Maybe Put On a Protective Vest Shirt

Optional, a person participating in rugby can war a shirt with added chest protection. A pad of cushion is placed on the center of your chest. Every time you hit the ground, your chest will be safe. Your chest will also be protected from getting elbowed. I can’t tell you how many times I got elbowed while playing rugby with some friends. It looks a little like Star Trek but you might need it. If you got friends that like to elbow and tackle on the rugby field, then you wear one of these. Comes in a nice black color. You won’t look too much like a nerd. Trust me, I wore one once. You are better protected when you wear a protective vest shirt.

“Pistol” Pete Maravich: Quotes & Vids


Here’s another clip of Maravich playing H-O-R-S-E with George “Iceman” Gervin. Here’s one showing every shot in his 68-point game against the Knicks. Here’s one showing highlights of his college days at LSU. Here’s a clip of Bill Walton talking about Maravich.

Watching the awesome clips above inspired me to find quotes about him:

“He was like a great singer with a style all his own, a pacing that was different, a flair for the unusual.”–-Chick Hearn

“He [Pete] was an artist. His canvas was the basketball floor and his brush was the basketball.”–Paul Westphal

“You were never quite sure what he was going to do with the ball in the open court. He had a thousand moves to either shoot it or pass it.”–Jack Ramsay, Hall of Fame Coach

“The radio was playing and the morning news was on. I was startled to hear that Pete Maravich, the basketball player, had collapsed on a basketball court in Pasadena, just fell over and never got up. I’d seen Maravich play in New Orleans, when the Utah Jazz were the New Orleans Jazz. He was something to see – mop of brown hair, floppy socks – the holy terror of the basketball world – high flyin’ – magician of the court. The night I saw him he dribbled the ball with his head, scored a behind-the-back, no-look basket – dribbled the length of the court, threw the ball up over the glass and caught his own pass. He was fantastic. Scored something like 38 points. He could have played blind. The man was a true virtuoso. There were no Pete Maraviches before he came along, and there never has been since. This Mozart of the Hardwood….”–Bob Dylan (from “Chronicles”)

“Legendary LSU Superstar “Pistol Pete” Maravich took his swirling basketball magic to paradise 17 years go. Heaven couldn’t wait for showtime. Between the leg dribbles, behind the back passes, dishing the ball off the dribble at full throttle in the blink of an eye, physical acrobatics in getting a shot off…it was magic. It was also instinctive, inventive and incredible.

Maravich pushed basketball to new limits. Consider this: Pistol Pete scored 3,667 points during his LSU collegiate playing career, averaging a staggering 44.2 points per game for 83 varsity college basketball contests. All of this occurred before the advent of the 3 point shot.

It was the kind of show that filled arenas all over the Southeastern Conference. What the SEC saw was a gangly, angular kid who played basketball with a pained expression, with a blend of jazz and classical music, with an apparant air of nonchalance. What he accomplished in college was truly “Ruthian” and will never be matched.”–Barry Mendelson

“I modeled myself after him, (and) he was only a couple years older than me. He was so far ahead of the game as far as ball-handling and creativeness. Back then it was like, ‘Oh, that’s showboating.’ No, he took the game to another level.”–Mike D’Antoni

“All those things that made him a great player, they were also his curse. It was hard for him to blend his game with other players. He had been groomed to see how many points he could score rather than how many games he could win. That’s the enigma of Pete Maravich.”–Paul Westphal

“We’re all doing things he did first.”–Steve Nash

“Pistol Pete is a legend to all who understand the history of basketball.”–Jason Kidd

“Pete was ‘The Man.’ I’d just sit there and shake my head and say to myself: ‘How’d he do that?’”–Magic Johnson

“Oh my. He did things with the basketball that players – still today – can’t do. If Maravich was playing today, he’d be a god.” — Isiah Thomas

“(Oscar) Robertson was the best guard I ever played against. Jerry West was the best I ever played with. And Pete is the best I’ve ever seen.”–Elgin Baylor

“I’ve got a lot of Pistol Pete in my game.”–Steve Nash

“Like a master chess player, Pete Maravich saw things that nobody else did.”–Bill Walton

“He was the greatest ball handler I’ve ever seen in my life. He could do things with the basketball that were unbelievable.”–Rick Barry

“A lot of guys break the laws of gravity. Pete breaks the laws of physics.”–Red Auerbach

“I learned all my tricks from Pete Maravich.”–Kobe Bryant

“The stuff that Pistol did with the ball was the breaking ground for what we can do today.”–Jason Kidd

“You talk of Jerry West or Oscar Robertson or any of those great ones who scored and passed so well. Maravich is better. He’s a show.”–Lou Carnesecca

“The best showman of all time? I’d probably have to say Pistol Pete.”–Isiah Thomas

“He was one of the truly great players that could fill an arena. He was an excellent player. He could dribble with both hands, shoot with both hands, and see the whole court. I enjoyed playing with Pete. His biggest influence to my mind was his ability to pass. When he stepped on the court, it was like a warning sign: ‘Watch out. I know how to play this game.’”–Larry Bird

“Through following basketball and enjoying his flair for the game, I feel as though I knew him. He was a great scorer and a great passer at the same time. The passes he made were unbelievable. He was so ahead of his time.”–Magic Johnson

“Pistol was a big influence on me. I’ve often tried his moves on the basketball court. What he did on the court are things that players today still can’t do.”–Isiah Thomas

“He was the original. When you talk about ‘Showtime,’ you talk about creativity, and bringing a whole different concept to the game of basketball. Pete was the original. He opened the minds of a lot of players as to how the game should be played. What he could do with the basketball at full speed was incredible. He was the best ball handler I ever saw. Ever.”–Pat Riley

“The way Pete played transcended the game. He was an artist. His canvas was the floor and his brush was the basketball. Only one guy got to be Elvis. And only one guy got to be Pistol Pete.”–Paul Westphal

“He was a startling player. One of a half dozen I’ve ever seen who I’d buy a ticket to see play. He was as dazzling a passer and as great a ball handler as I’ve ever seen. He was like a great singer with a style all his own, a pacing that was different, a flair for the unusual.”–Chick Hearn

“He was unstoppable. It’s as if they had melted down all 12 Harlem Globetrotters and then filled up this skinny 6-6 white frame with everything they had.”–Ralph Wiley, ESPN

“He personified why I love basketball; why I enjoy watching it; writing about it; why sports itself is such an important part of human existence.”–Curry Kirkpatrick, Sports Illustrated

“He was to basketball what the Sgt. Pepper album was to pop music: revolutionary and liberating.”–Bob McEwen, Rochester Times Union

“Today’s game is about spacing, drawing double teams, and shooting off the pass. No one in the history of the game was better at that than Pete. He could do more things with the ball than anyone who ever played, and do them all well.”–Alvin Gentry

A couple articles:

About his last year in the league, playing with a rookie Larry Bird

Bill Simmons reviewing a couple of bios about him

Collection Of Gaudy Olan Mills and Sears Portraits

This guy has a collection of Sears and Olan Mills portraits from back in the day. I got one in the fifth grade. The photographer had me lean on a telescope against a backdrop of the Milky Way. Why? I have no idea.


French Nuclear Test, 1970

These are the most amazing pictures I’ve ever seen of a nuclear bomb. Click pic to see rest. To get the full effect click “All Sizes” and download the full resolution of each one.

French Nuclear Test, 1970

Mini Cruise Ship Majesty of the Seas

“The mini Majesty of the Seas is a model ship constructed in Morsbach, Moselle, France, by François Zanella, a 1949-born mine worker (now retired).

The vessel is a 1/8th scale model of Royal Caribbean International’s 1992 cruise ship, Majesty of the Seas (itself also built in France, by Chantiers de l’Atlantique). The mini Majesty is 33.5 metres in length, with a width of 4.75 metres and a draft of 1.06 metres. The model has a displacement of 90 tons. In addition to being a scale replica model, the mini Majesty is a fully functional canal boat. The vessel’s draft is small enough to permit admittance to most European canals, although in some cases the height of the ship needs to be, and can be, modified.

It has taken François Zanella 11 years to build the model, beginning in 1993. The model was built on land opposite his home in Morsbach[1], which he purchased specifically for the project. After construction was completed in June 2005, the model was transported to Sarregueminesto be launched and christened. François Zanella’s fame in France stems from the show Thalassa on France 3, which followed his activities during the construction period[2].”Wikipedia