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French Nuclear Test, 1970

These are the most amazing pictures I’ve ever seen of a nuclear bomb. Click pic to see rest. To get the full effect click “All Sizes” and download the full resolution of each one.

French Nuclear Test, 1970

Mini Cruise Ship Majesty of the Seas

“The mini Majesty of the Seas is a model ship constructed in Morsbach, Moselle, France, by François Zanella, a 1949-born mine worker (now retired).

The vessel is a 1/8th scale model of Royal Caribbean International’s 1992 cruise ship, Majesty of the Seas (itself also built in France, by Chantiers de l’Atlantique). The mini Majesty is 33.5 metres in length, with a width of 4.75 metres and a draft of 1.06 metres. The model has a displacement of 90 tons. In addition to being a scale replica model, the mini Majesty is a fully functional canal boat. The vessel’s draft is small enough to permit admittance to most European canals, although in some cases the height of the ship needs to be, and can be, modified.

It has taken François Zanella 11 years to build the model, beginning in 1993. The model was built on land opposite his home in Morsbach[1], which he purchased specifically for the project. After construction was completed in June 2005, the model was transported to Sarregueminesto be launched and christened. François Zanella’s fame in France stems from the show Thalassa on France 3, which followed his activities during the construction period[2].”Wikipedia interview: Red Auerbach

He says that the basketball stars of yesteryear are physically underrated when compared with current players, and could easily hold their own. This is interesting because I’ve always had the impression that the best guys in those days wouldn’t even be able to compete as bench players in today’s NBA.