About the future of Cristiano Ronaldo

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The Portuguese has already managed to become one of the main stars of the Old World, but the time is coming when he will have to decide whether to stay in the Champions League or leave for the Premier League.
However, the Portuguese has not given up on his ambitions, and he is ready to fight for the title in the new season.
The main thing is that the club needs to strengthen the attack, because the Portuguese is the main player of the team.
In the new campaign, the main task for Real will be to get a good result in the Europa League, where the team will be fighting for the place in the top-4.
This is why the club will try to strengthen its positions in the standings, which will allow it to fight in the domestic arena.

The first matches of the new year will be very important for the team, because it will have the opportunity to demonstrate its strength and show the best game.
It is worth noting that the Portuguese will not be the only star of the future season, because Cristiano already managed not to leave the club, and the team has already signed several players who will become important players for the club in the future.
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What to expect from the team in the next season?
The team has a number of important players who can become a real sensation in the Premier league.
Among them, we should mention:
* Cristiano;
* Dani Carvajal;
* Sergio Ramos;
* Marcelo.
All of them can become the main star of Real, and it is easy to find out the statistics of each player on the website of sports statistics.
These are the main characteristics of the club:
1. Great experience of the management.
2. Good selection of players.
3. Good teamwork.
4. Good results.
5. Good financial resources.
Thus, it is quite possible that the team of Cristian Ronaldo will become one the main contenders for the champion title in this season. It is worth highlighting that the players of the Portuguese are already well-known for their skills, and they have already managed a number 1 in the world ranking.
If the team manages to get into the top 4, it will be quite possible to win the Europa league. In this case, the club can become one more contender for the Champions league. However, the team needs to improve its position in the league table, because there is no doubt that the main competitors of Real will try not to let the club slip out of the top4. In the new championship, the Spanish giants are a real threat, and their main goal is to win gold medals.
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Main football results of Spain
The Spanish championship is one of those championships that is always in the headlines. The main goal of the teams is to get to the Champions Cup zone, and this is why they are constantly fighting for gold medals in the tournament.
At the moment, Real Madrid is in the lead of the standings in the Spanish championship. However this is not surprising, because in the last season, the Meringues managed to win only the Europa Cup.
Of course, the fans of the Mersaad are not happy with the results, but they are not going to complain, because they have a number one in the rankings.
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Where to find the latest football news?
Now, it has become much easier to follow the Spanish football results. The information is provided here in full, and you can always learn the results in a few clicks.
Real Madrid is the team that is fighting for a place in top 4. The Meringue is a real contender for gold in the current season, but it is not going too far. However the team is capable of winning the Europa cup, which is why it is a serious contender for a top-3 finish.
There is no question that the fans will be able to see the results from the Meredydd in the near future. The team is very active in the transfer market, and if it manages to sign the main players, then it will become a serious threat to the leaders of the Spanish league.
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Latest football news from around the globe
The football season has just started, and already we can see the main results of this championship. The Spanish championship has already become one among the most interesting in the history of the game, and now it is much easier for fans to follow its results.

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