Conte urges players to keep faith in training after Chelsea slip-ups

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The first half of the season of Chelsea has been a failure for the Blues, as they lost to Tottenham and Manchester United. However, the players are still confident that they will be able to fight for the title and win it.
The team is still a good one, but it is not the strongest. The coach, Josep Guardiola, is trying to bring out the best from his players, and the results are not what they should be.
In the first half, the team lost to the first Tottenham and the second Manchester United, which is not good. The players are tired of losing, and they want to win the title.

The coach is trying his best to improve the situation, but the players have to do their best in every match. The team needs to play with the leaders, as it is obvious that they are not able to do it. The following players have not been able to play for the team for a long time:
* Eden Hazard;
* Willian;
* Pedro;
* Willian, who has not scored a goal for the club for a year;
The players are not used to playing with the new players, which may affect the results of the team.
However, the coach is confident that the situation will improve in the second half of season. He has already managed to bring the team together, and he is confident of winning the title this year.
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It is obvious, that the team is not able yet to play in the Champions League, as Chelsea is not in the strongest position. The main problem of the Blues is the lack of motivation. The club is not at the top, but they are still able to win a place in the group.
Despite the fact that the club is in the top-4, the results have not improved, as in the first rounds they lost several matches. The first defeats of the new season were to Manchester United and Tottenham.
Chelsea has not been in the best shape for a while, and it is clear that the players need to do more. The coaches are trying to improve their results, but this is not easy, as there are many matches ahead.
Will the team be able not to lose points in the matches ahead?
The Chelsea players are very confident that in the future they will not lose points, and this is the main thing that will help them to win.
They have already managed not to give up in the match against Manchester United in the Premier League, where they lost only one match. However the team still needs to do its best in each match, and if the results do not improve, then the players will have to work even harder.
There is still time for the Chelsea players to improve, as each match is important. The fans expect the team to win, but if the team does not show the results, then it will be very difficult for the coach to get the results.
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At the moment, the problem of Chelsea is that the coach does not have the right to choose the players for the matches, as he does not know the results for the next matches. This is why he has to use the livescores of the games with his opponents.
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Main football results today
The main problem that the teams have is the selection of the players. In the Premier league, the teams are still not in a good shape, and many of them have not won any trophy for a couple of years.
Many of the leaders have left the clubs, and others have not yet been able find a place on the teams. The problem is that they have not had a good start, as many of the teams lost points.
That is why it is very difficult to win in the domestic championship, and even the teams that are in a better shape are not in such a good position.
Manchester United is the team that is in a very bad shape, as their main problem is the loss of points. The problems of the club are not only the loss in the league, but also the fact the club has not won a trophy for several years. The situation is not very good, and there is no hope for the future.

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