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How Often Should You Condition Curly Hair?

There is a limit to applying the best deep conditioner for curly hair or else it can lead to causing various harms to your hair and can make them look dull in appearance instead of full and glossy. Given below are the reasons why should you apply the conditioner on your curly hair.

How Often Should You Condition Curly Hair?

Oil is not bad

Some people think that if there is more than enough oil on your head other than the natural oil of your scalp, then it signifies that your hairs are dirty and they need a wash. But it is a complete myth as the formation of the oil in your head depends on various other factors but is not an indication to wash your hair with your deep conditioner. The sebum produced by the people in their 20s or 30s is more than it is produced in children or older people and it is completely normal and there is nothing to worry about.

It is also a fact that your scalp loses its natural oil as you grow more in age and your scalp becomes dry which can eventually lead to the breakage of your hair strand from the roots but it is a natural process. If you have got hair that is weak in strength and is also delicate in nature and your hair gets damaged whenever you wash, so you must use your conditioner only in a week and not more than that to avoid further damage such as baldness. If you are noticing that your head is forming more than required oil on your scalp which does not seem normal then you have to wash your hair in a day or two to maintain the natural level of oil and also get rid of the dirt.

Types of hair you have

The number of times you want to wash your hair is also dependent on the type of hair you have on your head. Since you have curly hair then washing your hair is not much required as it is the straight hair the sebum easily coats and makes them look greasy and dull in appearance but it is opposite in the case of curly hair. The reason behind that is that it is difficult to reach the sebum directly to your scalp because of the wavy way and thus your curls remain dull and dry in looks.

How Often Should You Condition Curly Hair?

So it is important to give them enough moisturiser so that they stay hydrated throughout the next wash and also look soft and in perfect shape. The sebum is very important for your hair as it enhances the beauty of your hair and also defines the curls giving them the shape they require. The deep conditioner for curly hair helps you in taming the frizzy hair and make them look soft and smooth in texture. And if you have got the tight curls then it is mandatory that you avoid over washing them or else it will lead to breaking of your natural hair strand from the roots and should wash only once in a week so that the consistency of your curls remain the same and they look natural.

The scalp is sweating

Although sweating is a normal and healthy part of your body, it still contains harmful bacteria which are dangerous to your health and you must get rid of them by washing them. So, you need to wash your hair or at least rinse them with water if you are discovering that your scalp is sweating a lot.

If you are a person who does exercise daily then it is mandatory to wash your hair with conditioner once in a week but rinse them with simple and cold water to get rid of the bacteria caused by three sweating so that you can avoid any of the bacterial infection on your head. You can shampoo your hair if you are getting a sweat on your scalp after wearing a helmet or doing the heavy workouts for more than an hour but the conditioner is meant to be used after a week.

Physical dirt on your head

If you love to do the gardening and love to work on the field outside for more than an hour or you love the cleaning and dusting, then the pollen from the dust may fall on your head and may directly stick to the natural oil of your scalp. If you are a teacher and teaching in the school with chalk then the white particles get stuck to your hair and they eventually lead to the way of your scalp. Or else if you are working outside and the wind is blowing in such a way that there is a thunderstorm then it is highly possible that your hair will come in contact with the physical dirt.

Then you have to wash your hair especially if they are curly or wavy in appearance. They will not only make your hair look dull and dry but will also lead your hair in losing their natural nutrients and vitamins and eventually they become weak in strength. They may also look dirty and some solid physical dirt might be stuck into your curls so you need to wash them whenever you experience such a situation. It is not necessary to wash your hair using the conditioner every day but you can either rinse it with simple cold water.


The conditioner is important for your hair as it not only helps you in getting rid of the germs, dust and dirt which are harmful to your hair as well as your scalp but also nourishes your hair with various nutrients and vitamins and also helps you in preventing them from dangerous reactions caused by the chemicals that are present in many beauty products available in the market. We highly hope that this write up might have helped you in knowing about the number of times you should apply the conditioner on your curly hair and why you should apply it.