Matchday 7 in WC League – review and predictions

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The start of the new season of the World Championship has already started, and the tournament is already in full swing. The German championship is the strongest in Europe, and it is the main event of the season. The teams have already played several matches, and now it is time to find out who will win the title.
The German championship has always been one of the most unpredictable tournaments. This year, it is even more so. The main favorites of the tournament are:
1. Germany. The team of Joachim Low and Jurgen Klopp has a good lineup, which can be used to the fullest. The coach is able to choose the best players for each position. The Germans have already won the title twice, so they are the main favorites.
2. England. The country has a long tournament distance ahead, so the team has a chance to improve its position. England is a favorite of the first round, but the main question is whether the team will be able to repeat its success in the second round.
3. Italy. The squad of Antonio Conte has a great lineup, and this is the key to the team’s chances. The Italian national team has already won gold medals at the World Championships, and they are ready to do it again.
4. Spain. The Spanish team is the most stable and has a high level of performance. It is possible that the team can repeat its triumph in the World Cup.
5. Brazil. The national team of Jair Bolsonaro has a new coach, who will have an impact on the team. The players have already demonstrated their potential, so it is now up to the coach to make the most of it.
6. Russia. The Russian team has not won the World Champion’ title for a long time, but it has a lot of experience. The tournament distance is long, and there is still time for the team to improve the position.
7. Germany is the best team in the world, but other teams have a chance of winning the title too.
This season, the German championship will be very interesting, and fans can follow the results of the matches on the website of sports statistics. The information about the matches is updated in real time, and you can follow all the results on your computer, phone or tablet.
All the information about German championship 2018 is available on the site of sports statistic. Here, the information is updated live, which allows you to find the information that is most interesting for you.

The tournament is held in the middle of the year, and many teams are in a hurry to finish the season as soon as possible. The results of matches are already available on a website of the sports statistics, which is a great opportunity to follow the development of events in real-time.
Upcoming fixtures of the German Championship
The new season in the German Bundesliga promises to be interesting for fans of the championship. The starting matches of the current campaign have already shown that the level of the teams is gradually increasing.
In the summer, the main contenders for the title were:
* Borussia Dortmund;
* Bayern;
* Hoffenheim.
Borussia Dortmund was the most successful team in recent years. The club was able to win the German Cup once, and in the last season it won the German Super Cup. The new season promises to please the fans with a lot more success.
Among the main candidates for the champion title, we should also note the following teams:
β€’ Werder;
β€’ * RB Leipzig;
β€’ * RB Salzburg.
Werder and RB Leipsig are the most promising teams. The former won the Bundesliga twice, and RB SalZ won the Cup in the previous season.
Fans can follow Bundesliga fixtures on the sports statistic website. Here the information on matches is available in realtime, which makes it possible to follow events in the tournament.
Live Results of German Championship 2018
The current season in Germany is very interesting for sports fans. The championship is held at the middle point of the calendar year, which means that many matches will be held in August.
It is now much easier to follow all Bundesliga fixtures. The live data is available for free on the Sports Statistics website. The data is updated every minute, and users can find out the latest information about matches in real life.
Many clubs are in the midst of the transfer campaign, which will affect the results in the championship in the near future.
Results of upcoming fixtures
The upcoming fixtures of Bundesliga are very important for the clubs. The clubs are trying to improve their positions in the standings, and if they do not succeed, they will have to make a serious transfer campaign.
At the start of this season, Borussia Dortmund was the main favorite of all fixtures. However, the team did not show the desired results. The fans are expecting the club to improve this situation in the upcoming season. However the team is not the only contender for the championship title. The following teams can also be mentioned:
Β· Bayern; and
Β· * HoffENz.
Both clubs are also trying to finish in the top-4, but they have different ways of achieving this goal.

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