Newcastle vs Liverpool video stream: How to watch this match online

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The first half of the season of the English Premier League was not so successful for the team of Josep Guardiola. The team of the Catalan coach was not able to show its best game, and the result of the game was a draw.
However, the second half of this season has been more successful for Liverpool. The Merseysiders have already managed to win the title, and now they are in the fight for the Champions League zone.
The team of Jurgen Klopp has already shown its best football, and it is now the time to see how the new season will develop. The main goal of the team is to win gold medals in the Champions league.
This season, the main contender for gold medals is Manchester City. The club of Jose Mourinho has already managed not to lose points in the league, and in the last season it was not possible for the Citizens to win all the trophies.
In the last few seasons, the Citizens have won the champion title, the FA cup, and also the Europa League. In the current season, they have a chance to win at least one of the trophies, and they should not lose points.

The main thing for the club is to get into the Champions club zone. The Citizens have already won the Europa league, but they are not yet in the top-4. However, the team has a good chance to get to the top 4, because the main rival of the Citizens is not a club from the Premier league. The top clubs of the EPL are:
* Chelsea;
* Manchester United;
* Arsenal;
* Tottenham Hotspur.
All these clubs have a good lineup, which can be a real problem for the fans of the club.
Also, the club has a lot of problems in the domestic arena. The last season, Chelsea lost the title to the Blues, and this time the team will not be able to repeat the victory. The players of Mourinho have a hard time to play in the English championship, and so far, the results of the matches are not so good.
If the team manages to win a lot, then it will be a great opportunity for the coach to get a new contract, because he is in the middle of a good period.
It is also important for the Guardiola’s team to get the ticket to the Champions tournament. The Champions league is the most prestigious club tournament in the world, and if the team can get into this club tournament, then the club will be able not only to win trophies, but also to get some money for themselves.
You can always follow the live score of the match on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will find the schedule of the upcoming matches, as well as the results.
Live score of Manchester City vs Liverpool
The match between the Citizens and the Merseysides was very interesting, and both teams played very well. The first half was quite successful for both teams, but in the second part of the half, the result was a little bit different.
After the first half, Liverpool was the favorite of the whole match. The game was not easy for the Mersey team, and after the first minutes, the score of both teams was equal.
At the end of the first part of this match, the fans were quite surprised, because in the first minute of the second period, the City scored a goal. The goal was scored by Mohamed Salah, who was playing in the penalty area.
Liverpool started to play better, and Jurgenić’ goal was not scored, but the Citizens were not able not to score. The score of this game was 4:3.
There was a lot to like in the game of the teams, and here are the main points of the meeting:
1. The quality of the football of the clubs.
2. The skills of the players of the Guardiola’s team.
3. The experience of the fans.
4. The motivation of the leaders.
5. The ability of the goalkeeper to save the ball.
6. The good teamwork of the lines.
7. The speed of the passes.
8. The number of goals scored.
9. The distance covered.
10. The accuracy of the shots.
11. The ball possession.
12. The effectiveness of the attacks.
13. The desire to win.
14. The performance of the main stars.
15. The match statistics.
16. The level of the emotions of the audience.
17. The changes in the teams.
18. The results of other matches.
19. The livescore of the games.
20. The website of the sports statistics where you can always find the latest information.
Now, the match between City and Liverpool is considered as one of best games of the current campaign. The teams played a very interesting game, which was not without its failures.
City won the first period of the final part of their match, but after the second, the game turned into a draw, which is not the best result for the City.
As for the Liverpool, the players were not in a good mood, and there was a tense standoff between the lines of the two teams.

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