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The first match of the season between Juventus and Inter was a real success for the Turin giants. The team of Allegri has now won 4 matches in a row and is now in the lead of the standings. The first match was a great success for Juventus, too, as the team managed to score a goal in every match. The following matches were also successful for the Bianconeri, as they won 2 matches in the first half and lost only one match in the second half.
However, the team of Inter was not so successful in the match against Juventus. The club of Antonio Conte was not able to achieve the desired result, as it lost only once.
The final of the Champions League will be held on May 19, and the match between Juventus vs Inter will be the main event of the day.

The match of Juventus vs Coppe Italia will be a real test of the strength of the teams in the Champions league. The final of this tournament is always a real struggle for the victory, and this time it will be very interesting to see who will be able to take advantage of the fact that the final of Champions League is held in the middle of the summer.
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Latest results of the matches of Juventus and Coppa italia
The season of the Italian championship is already in full swing, and it has already become obvious that the Juventus team is one of the main favorites of the championship. The previous season, the club managed to finish in the 4th place, but this time the team is much stronger and has a much better squad.
In the current season, Juventus has a very good lineup, which allows the club to play a lot of matches at once. This allows the team to get the maximum out of the maximum number of players. The main star of the team, Cristiano Ronaldo, has already managed to show his maximum in the matches with Juventus.
This summer, the Portuguese player decided to leave the club and signed with the team from Turin, Inter. The transfer of the player was a very important one, as he will be one of many leaders of the club.
Juventus is one the main contenders for the title of the most successful club in Italy. The current season is very important for the team as it will see the transfer of Cristiano, as well as the strengthening of the lineup.
Main stars of the Turinese team
The main star in the team this season is Cristiano. The Portuguese player is a key player of the Juventus, and he has already shown his maximum. The player has already scored a lot, and his goal was scored in the last match of Serie A.
Cristiano has already played for the club for 4 years, and during that time he has managed to become a key member of the squad. The players of the Portuguese team are very demanding, and they demand the maximum from their players.
As a result, Cristian has managed not to miss a single match of his career. He has already been called the best player of his generation, and now he is one step closer to achieving this title.
Now, the player of Juventus is one among the main stars of Italy, and many experts consider him to be the best in the world.
New Juventus team, new goals
The current season of Serie a is very interesting for the fans of the game. The new Juventus team has already started to play, and its lineup is very impressive. The coach of the new team, Antonio Conza, has a lot to show, and so far, he has not managed to achieve his goals.
Conza has already won the championship of the country once, and there is no doubt that he will try to win it again. The Italian championship has already begun to be very exciting, and soon the fans will see who can be the winner of the tournament.
At the moment, the main goal of the coach of Juventus, Antonio, is to get into the Champions club tournament. The fans of Juventus expect the team’s performance in the next matches, and if they are able to get to the Champions tournament, they will be extremely happy.
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