What happens with Neymar at PSG?

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The Brazilian has already won the Champions League, the Super Cup, the Copa del Rey and the FIFA World Cup. He is one of the most sought-after football players in the world.
However, the PSG star is not the only one who wants to leave the club. Neymar’s departure is not an isolated case. The team needs to strengthen the position of the coach, as well as the roster.
The clubโ€™s situation is not very stable, so the situation may change at any moment. It is obvious that the club will not be able to compete with the leaders of the French championship, such as PSG, Monaco and Lille, who have already managed to win the champion title.
Will Neymar leave the team?
The team is in a crisis, so it is very difficult to find a new goalkeeper. The previous year, the club did not have a single goalkeeper in the starting lineup.
Neymar has already left the club, but it is not clear if he will leave the PSL or the club itself. The club has a number of other stars who can replace the Brazilian.

The most obvious candidate for the position is the Brazilian Lucas Torreira. The player has already managed a number goals and assists in the French Championship. The problem is that the player has not yet managed to establish himself in the team.
In addition, the player is a very young player who needs time to establish his position in the lineup. However, the fact that the team has a young goalkeeper, as Neymar did, is a plus for the club and the player.
Another candidate for replacing Neymar is the German Max Kruk. The young player has managed to score a number in the Bundesliga, as he has already played for the team for a year. However it is clear that the German player needs time and experience to establish a good position in a lineup. It will be very difficult for him to compete against the leaders in the Champions Cup.
Do you think that the situation with the team will change?
It is impossible to say that the players will leave PSG. However the situation is unstable and the team needs a new coach. The coach must be able not only to improve the results of the team, but also to find new ways to achieve success.
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The Parisians are in a very difficult situation. The last season they lost the Championsโ€™ Cup to Monaco. The Parisians have a number 1 goalkeeper, who has already shown his talent in the national team. The players have not been able to show their maximum for the whole tournament distance.
It seems that the Parisians will not win the title this season. However they have a chance to win it. The main goal of the club is to win a place in the Europa League. The Champions League is another goal of PSG that will be achieved only if the team wins the Champions’ Cup. The French team has the chance to become one of top-3 European teams.
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Where to find the latest news from the French football?
In the summer, the Parisian club will be in a new season, so they will have to start the new season very confidently. The situation in the club has already worsened, so this is not a good sign for the future of the Paris team. However there are a number advantages for the players of the new team. For example, the following:
1. Good selection of players. The squad of the current season is very balanced. The number of players in each line is equal to the number of goals scored by the club in the previous season.
2. Good teamwork. The current season the Paris players have already shown that they can count on each other.
3. Good coaching experience. The management of the management of Paris has already worked with the club for several years.
All these factors will help the team to achieve its goals.
What are the main rivals of the PSGs?
Another team that can compete with it is Monaco. Monaco has a good selection of football players, as it has a very good goalkeeper, Marco Verratti. The Monaco goalkeeper has already scored a number and assisted a number.
Monaco has a stable lineup, as there is a good balance between the lines. The only problem is the fact the Monaco goalkeeper is not in the best condition. The goalkeeper has a serious injury, which has not been fully healed for a long time. The injury is a serious problem, as the player needs to spend a lot of time on the field.
There is a chance that the injury will be fully healed in the near future. The goal of Monaco is to become a real contender for the title of the Champions. The chances of the Monaco players are good, because the team is well-balanced and has good teamwork.
Of course, the main goal for the Monaco team is to get into the Europa Cup.

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