Hazard has no intention to leave Chelsea

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Hazard has no intention to leave Chelsea, but the club needs to make a number of decisions before the transfer window closes.
The main one is to strengthen the defence. The Blues have a number shortcomings, but they are not so serious as the ones mentioned above.

The most obvious choice is to buy a new goalkeeper. However, the cost of such a player is extremely high. Another option is to sign a new defender. However this option is not very popular with the fans, because the club already has a number good defenders.
Another option is a midfielder. However the cost for such a transfer is also very high.
In general, the club has a good selection of players. The main problem is the lack of stability in the lineup.
Will Hazard be the main transfer of the summer?
The summer transfer window has already seen a lot of interesting transfers. Many of them are not very successful, but it is still possible to make money out of them.
Among the most interesting transfers, Hazard is the most obvious. The Belgian is a player who can play in several positions. He is a good dribbler, a good passer, a decent defender.
Hazard is a young player, and he needs time to adapt to the Premier League. However he is already showing a good game. He scored a number goals, and is a real threat in the attack.
However, the main problem of Hazard is that he is very expensive. The cost of the player is around 100 million euros.
It is still unclear how the club will use the money. The club has already started to make transfers, but many of them have not been successful.
What is the future of the club in the Premier league?
Chelsea is a great club, and it has a great future. The team is a clear favorite of the Champions League. The current season is already a success for the Blues. They have a good lineup, and the team has a clear advantage in the matches against the strongest teams.
Chelsea has a lot to prove in the current season. The following things can be improved:
1. The defensive structure. The goalkeeper is not the best in the world, and there are no defenders who can cover for him.
2. The attacking line. The players are not as strong as they were, but still they can score a lot.
3. Individual skills of the leaders.
All these factors can help the team to become a real contender for the title.
Where can fans see the team in the next season?
In the next championship, Chelsea will have a difficult time. The first matches of the season were not very impressive, but in the future the team will be able to show its full potential.
Fans can follow the results of the team on the website of sports statistics. Here they will find the information about the performance of the Blues in the match against Manchester United, as well as the results in other matches.
You can also follow the progress of the Chelsea in the English Premier League on the sports statistics website. Here you will find all the information on the results and the performance in the games of the main club of the country.
Who will win the title of the strongest team in England?
This season, Chelsea is a favorite of many fans. The Chelsea has a strong lineup, which can play well in several lines. The coach, Jose Mourinho, has a very good squad, which allows him to choose the best players for each position.
This summer, the team also signed a number players who can help to strengthen Chelsea’s lineup. The most obvious player is Eden Hazard. The player is a very promising player, who can become a star in the game of the Premier.
Although the cost is very high for the player, it is worth considering the fact that the player can become an important player for the team.
At the moment, the Chelsea has the best lineup in the EPL, and this is a result of the selection of the most important players.
How to follow the team’ s results in the championship?
Fans of the English championship can follow Chelsea� results on the site of sports information. Here, they will be provided with the information of the performance and the results on a daily basis.
One of the best teams of the championship is the Chelsea. The squad of the coach Mourinho has a high level of skills, and they can show their maximum in the upcoming matches. The English championship is a long tournament, and many teams have a chance to win it.
If you want to follow Chelsea results, you can use the website of sports statistical. Here fans can find the data about the results, as the club plays in the top division.
Team’ s results in EPL matches
The current season of the EFL Cup is very interesting for the fans. Chelsea has an excellent lineup, but there are still some problems. The biggest problem is a lack of motivation of the players. This problem is not so big, because Chelsea is the favorite of all the matches. However in the last matches, the players did not show their best game.
After the defeat against Manchester City, the fans were not happy with the performance. The fans were disappointed with the lack in the defense, as many of the mistakes were made by the team’s leaders.

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